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The Baptist Theological Seminary Eku Diaspora Scholarship Fund (B.T.S.E.D.S.F) Cincinnati Ohio USA., is a private initiative which was birthed in 2015 when of the initiator (Mr. Ovie Fred Okotie) paid a visit to the seminary in August 2015.
He was given a tour of the premises by the then President of the Seminary, Rev. Dr. Goodfriday Aghawenu. During the tour, he was intimated on some of the challenges the seminary was facing at the time. One of which is the lack of funds to run the school because of the inability of most seminarians to pay their fees and because the school does not receive funds from the Federal Government because it is classified as a religious institution.
Mr. Ovie Fred Okotie decided to set up a scholarship trust fund in other to give financial assistance to indigent seminarians because he is convinced that seminarians who are giving up worldly comfort to respond to the kingdom’s call should not have to worry about tuition fees. So, in 2016, Mr.Fred Ovie Okotie and Hon. Nurudeen Ohwavborua began strategic planning to establish and execute the scholarship fund, with Pastor Jolomi Edema coordinating the preparations in Nigeria.
The Baptist Theological Seminary Eku Diaspora Scholarship Fund (B.T.S.E.D.F) was fully registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) as a non-governmental organization on 11th June 2019 and it was registered in the United States of America in the same year. The Baptist Theological Seminary Eku Diaspora Scholarship Fund (B.T.S.E.D.F) is constituted by a board of directors/trustees chaired by Sir Nurudeen Ohwavborua, alongside Rev. Dr. Ambrose Akpotor, Pastor Edema Esijolomi (Secretary and Coordinator of the scholarship fund (Nigeria), and the President of the seminary. In the 2018/2019 academic session, thirty-six seminarians applied but after a rigorous screening exercise, only 10 seminarians were awarded the scholarship in a well-attended award ceremony at the seminary chapel on the 15th of October 2018, with a promise to improve on the numbers of awardees the next session.

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Those awarded in the 2018/2019 session are:

1. Destiny Efedue
2. Odinde Ogheruemu
3. Gigi Sweetness Francis
4. Nnana Jude Johnson
5. Adehor Mary Edesiri
6. Meeting Benjamin
7. Eni Abraham
8. Ossai Sunday Ossai
9. Nwadishi Daniel
10. Obukohwo Stanley.

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In the subsequent scholarship screening exercise, thirty-six seminarians applied, and twenty-one were successful after the screening process was concluded.

On the 14th of October 2019, the Second Edition of the scholarship award ceremony was done the successful seminarians awarded with the scholarship were:

1. Akerobe Ekenem Evans
2. Asasuwa Otega Williams
3. Atotuoma Evince
4. Avwomakpa Helen Ejiro
5. Baludje Efeurhobo
6. Eni Believe
7. Gugum Goodluck
8. Itevwodia Lucky
9. Meeting Benjamin
10. Obokohwo Stanley
11. Ogheneovo Sunday
12. Oghojafor Major
13. Ogugah Egwonor
14. Omosovwofa Kelvin
15. Onotu Grace
16. Ossai Sunday
17. Ubiagege Nelson
18. Sunday Cletus
19. Oghoghomeh Mary
20. Abugu Godspower
21. Adehor Mary Edesiiri

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In the third edition of the scholarship screening exercise, ninety-four seminarians applied but thirty-one beneficiaries were selected and presented with a full-tuition scholarship.

On the 21st of September 2020, the third edition of the scholarship award ceremony was done the successful seminarians awarded with the scholarship were:

1. Ovie Moses Otakpoburho
2. Oliweh Oliweh
3. Oregbor Peter Erhieyovwe
4. Favour Egun
5. Ughwumiakpor, Enakeme Gloria
6. Mogbeyiteren Elias
7. Opone Philip
8. Ettah Kehinde Festus
9. Efenure Sunday
10. Eboh Emuobosa Shedrack
11. Itegbiku Atanefe Emmanuel
12. Paul Ekpekpe
13. Utagba Wisdom
14. Okoro Johnson
15. Onohwohwakpor Kelvin
16. Akpoyomare I. Ufuoma
17. Osita Diana
18. Puptei Monday Goodness
19. Idolor Omamerhen
20. Uriamala Emmanuel
21. Oghoghomeh Mary
22. Ossai Sunday
23. Abugu Godspower
24. Atotuoma Evince
25. Avwomakpa Helen Ejiro
26. Baludje Efeurhobo
27. Eni Believe
28. Gugum Goodluck
29. Itevwodia Lucky
30. Omosovwofa Kelvin
31. Ogheneovo Sunday

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On the 5th of August 2021 was the fourth edition of the scholarship presentation. Forty students/seminarians were selected and presented with a full-tuition scholarship.
These students include:
1. Abugu Godspower BTH4
2. Akpoyomare Ufuoma BTH3
3. Atutuoma Evince BTH3
4. Avwomakpa Helen BTH4
5. Efunure Sunday BTH4
6. Ekpekpe Paul M.DIV3
7. Idolor Omamerhen M.DIV2
8. Itegbiku Emmanuel M.DIV2
9. Mogbeyiteren Elias M. DIV3
10. Ogheneovo Sunday BTH4
11. Oghoghomeh Mary BTH3
12. Oliwe Oliwe M.DIV3
13. Onosovwofa Kelvin BTH3
14. Onohwohwakpor Kelvin BTH3
15. Oregbor Peter Erhieyovare M.DIV 2
16. Ovie Moses Otakpobvho BTH3
17. Osita Dinah BTH3
18 Ughwumiakpor Enakeme BTH2
19. Utagba Wisdom BTH3
20. Agbofodo Godspower M.DIV3
21. Akpobasah Robinson M.DIV2
22. Akpogume Rachael BTH2
23. Anighoro Igho BTH2
24. Aphiphen Michael BTH3
25. Ejenobo Joseph BTH2
26. Eru Joshua M.DIV2
27. Esemerho Emmanuel BTH1
28. Favour Ofuegbe M.DIV2
29. Ijie Frank Ogochukwu M.DIV2
30. Itedjiri Theophania BTH2
31. Julius Priye Ebikiye M.DIV2
32. Mogbyiteren Marvelous BTH1
33. Nathan Isuwa BTH2
34. Mrore Gideon BTH4
35. Nwachukwu Lovely BRE1
36. Okonedo Omauli BTH2
37. Okitikpi Samson BTH3
38. Onyelunisue Joseph BTH2
39. Ovie P. Palmer CTH2
40. Osaghaode William BTH1

The cost of the scholarship since its inception has been borne by the initiator of the scholarship fund alongside some good meaning friends and acquaintances, but to keep the scholarship program going, we need YOU!

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"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed."

Proverbs 19:12
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